Style Whipped Magazine Features Cariloha Bamboo

Cariloha Womens Bamboo Tee

Spotlight on CARILOHA!
By Shawna Harper of StyleWhipped

With cooler nights upon us and winter fast approaching us here in the northeast, I try to keep my thoughts warm. Cruises I’ve taken to the Caribbean make me wish I was back in a warmer climate enjoying the sun and shopping for unique island things (two of my favorite activities!).

One of my favorite discoveries from my travels is the awesome company Cariloha. Anyone who knows me, knows that anything eco-friendly holds a special place in my heart. So imagine my excitement when I found Cariloha, who makes everything from the most sustainable and renewable resourse…bamboo! Clothing and accessories designed with the island lifestyle in mind, Cariloha has captured the feel of vacation for an all-year-round experience. From women’s and men’s clothing to sheets and handbags, Cariloha lets us take our eco-friendliness to a new level!

Wait, clothes made out of bamboo? That’s exactly right! The wonderful people at Cariloha have taken bamboo and made it into fabric so ultra soft, it’s twice as soft as cotton. Bamboo fabric also keeps you three degrees cooler than cotton, and helps to wick away moisture. It’s also naturally anti-bacterial…and who doesn’t love that?!

Some of my personal favorite pieces are the Bamboo Crew Tee (in rich colors and a perfect fit) and Bamboo Harper Capri (no relation to me, unfortunately, but still so comfortable and well-tailored). They are truly clothes you can look good in and feel good in…year-round! And with very reasonable prices, there’s no excuse to not start expanding your wardrobe right away! We’ve even got an exclusive discount code just for Stylewhipped’s readers to use! Simply enter bamboo-style20 when you place your order for an amazing 20% off of your online purchases. (Thank you, Cariloha!)

With these incredible eco-friendly clothes, you’ll start feeling good inside and out…you’ll be doing good for the environment and yourself, and it will show…just like the goodness Cariloha is showing! They are on-track to open 10 new stores within the next four months and more than 20 new stores in 2013! they will also be offering a wider array of products including more fitness wear, new men’s and women’s lines, new footwear and new bed & bath products. So look for a store near you, let your love for Cariloha begin, and do something fashionable for yourself AND the environment!

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Stay cool, wear bamboo.

– Shawna