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Baby Bottom Line Reviews Cariloha Bamboo

Cariloha Bamboo Review by The Baby Bottom Line

I received 2 products for review from Cariloha! I got to try out a Bamboo Long Sleeve Crew Tee and a Bamboo Infinity Scarf both in black. The crew tee is AWESOME! I love that its on the longer side, so I can throw on a pair of jeans and it covers the baby belly. First thing I noticed… SUPER soft, holy cow… I wanted to wear this ALL DAY and NIGHT! LOL. I liked that the neck was not too high or low for that matter and that the fabric kept its shape. It washed really well and was still soft….I also liked that it was tag-less! The shirt was made from a 70/30 split of bamboo and organic cotton. Did you know bamboo has a wicking factor to it? I didn’t….I did know it was hypoallergenic and antibacterial though…love green products!

The Infinity Scarf…. I want in every color they have! The blue one is awesome and I totally love the grey one too! I wear scarves a lot so having this super soft one doubled around my neck was perfect! I added a broach too…and it looked great! I liked that it was light weight, had the same 70/30 blend like the tee and that the scarf was really long.

They have a TON of products… for bedding (which I’m seriously contemplating getting in at least 2 colors) to bamboo lined handbags…..they have an awesome selection! Hmmm… maybe I should pick up some towels too! Thanks to Cariloha for sending me out 2 new staples in my wardrobe! LOVE!

Thanks for the great review, Baby Bottom Line. You can see and read her entire review here.