Cariloha Bamboo: Affordable Luxury for You & Your Home

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Cariloha Bamboo: Affordable Luxury for You and Your Home
By Sniffing 4 Savings

In my years of sewing, I have used an extensive variety of fabrics – from cottons and flannels to silks, satins, Rayons and more. My introduction to bamboo fabrics was null, until my box arrived from Cariloha bamboo. I was very intrigued by the concept of bamboo fabrics – its feel and quality – and anxious to see what the fabrics were like. My expectations were surpassed, and I can honestly say that I’m now a fan of bamboo fabrics and Cariloha bamboo!

I received the Taupe Kyle Wrap and the White Long Sleeve Crew Top. I chose these items because I love to look stylish but want to be comfortable, too. The materials are SO SOFT – words really cannot describe it! The fabric gives an expensive look and feel at an affordable price, and I know now there would be no wrong choice for me with Cariloha bamboo fashions!

The Kyle Wrap easily can be worn over a dress for an evening out or paired with a tank for a casual stylish everyday look with jeans. It has an A-line cut that drapes over your body and is very flattering! Made from 60% Organic Cotton / 40% Viscose Bamboo – results in soft, versatile, casual or dressy look. Quality material, stylish details, and quality stitch work. The materials keep me feeling comfortable inside where it was warm, as well as warm on a cool morning! I loved the look and received two compliments the first time I wore it out! Three, if you count the one from Hubby! Easily my favorite in my closet and my go-to, no matter where I’m going or what I’m doing!

The white crew is NOT your ordinary cotton crew top! The feel is shear luxury – it’s made with 70% Viscose Bamboo / 30% Organic Cotton. The SOFTEST material I have ever felt or worn! The crew top contours to the body, retails its shape, and keeps your body feeling comfortable. The attention to detail is complete with the cute little brand embed at the hemline. I was able to wear this top tucked into my jeans without the feel of bulk, as well as out over casual dress slacks, and it looked and felt great! This is a crew I could easily live in everyday! I want all my tops to be made of Cariloha’s signature bamboo fabric!

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