Cariloha Bamboo-Sponsored Miles 2 Give Team Enters Iowa

L to R: Ryan Priest, Landon Cooper, John McKay, sporting their Cariloha Bamboo running gear!

Update from the Miles 2 Give’s inspirational 3,000-mile run across the USA for Cancer Research:

The 2013 M2G Team, made up of Landon Cooper, Ryan Priest, and John McKay, has entered the state of Iowa and is heading north by north east across the state and into Illinois. They’ve been averaging 20-30+ miles per day since February 14, and they’ve raised more than $66,000 for their cancer research grant.

They’ve given more than 2,054 miles thus far and have touched thousands of lives along the way. Since they began this journey, they’ve been confronted with multiple challenges of overwhelming fatigue, dehydrating sickness, and harsh weather conditions – all of which they’ve overcome and marched onward. Ever the optimist, Landon catches his breath to say, “These cancer-fighting warriors don’t get to take a day off from their pain, and neither do we – we have miles to give.”

We salute you Landon Cooper, Ryan Priest, John McKay and the entire Miles 2 Give team! Keep fighting the good fight. On a side note, the M2G Team continues to sport their Cariloha Bamboo socks, shirts and jerseys, which we hope are keeping them cooler and comfier as they enter these hotter days ahead.

Here’s a recent blog post from the page, which has personal relevance to us, as they were running for one of our own relatives, Laura Long. Thanks guys!