Cariloha Store Opens in the Biggest Cruise Port in the World

Excitement for color change and crazy-soft bamboo are bursting at the seams in the newest Del Sol and Cariloha stores in Nassau! Over the past 11 years, Del Sol has become one of the major port attractions in Nassau. With the addition of the new Cariloha store, Del Sol and Cariloha’s Nassau real estate and curb-side appeal just became incredibly more attractive and valuable to our worldwide fleet of stores. Nassau is the most trafficked port-of-call in the world. Every cruise passenger and customer who sees and visits these two beautiful stores will leave with an extremely positive first impression of Del Sol and Cariloha. The overall experience and look for these two stores sets a high standard and bolsters our brands worldwide.

With an outstanding staff, under new General Manager, Guenix Cherenfant, former GM of Cariloha and Del Sol Jamaica, as well as a previous manager in Nassau, these two stores are in good hands. The new 3,000-square-foot store space for both Cariloha and Del Sol is located in the heart of Nassau’s shopping central on Bay Street. The store looks absolutely beautiful and is already drawing in thousands of customers in its opening week of business.

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