Eco-Friendly Clothier, Cariloha, Introduces Retail Shopping Bag Made Entirely of Bamboo

Cariloha Bamboo Retail Bag

Cariloha further enhanced its soft, cool, clean, and green shopping experience by providing its customers a sturdy, all-bamboo shopping retail bag to carry home their bamboo goods.

SANDY, UTAH – Millions of worldwide retailers give their purchasing customers free shopping bags, which come in thousands of shapes and sizes and are made of equally as many materials – mostly plastics. International waste management bureaus estimate that the human family, on a global level, uses and disposes of more than 500 million plastic bags.

Customers shopping at Cariloha can now walk out the door with a retail bag made 100 percent of eco-friendly bamboo. “It carries more than just our bamboo merchandise,” said Scott Brady, Cariloha AVP of Communications. “It carries Cariloha’s intangible brand and product values that you’ll remember long after your purchase at a Cariloha store.”

“A Cariloha customer’s shopping experience should revolve as much as possible around bamboo, and this all-bamboo bag helps make that possible,” said Mike Waldvogel, Cariloha AVP of Training. “It’s the finishing touch to an all-bamboo purchase. The bamboo retail bag should mean something – it’s an added bamboo bonus for the customer. Now all we need is receipt paper made of bamboo.”

Brady shares five specific reasons that Cariloha believes customers will love their bamboo bag:

1. It’s made of bamboo. Yep – 100% bamboo. It’s an added plus for shoppers who want to leave Cariloha with nothing but bamboo in their hands.

2. It’s biodegradable. Bamboo is actually good for the soil, and it deteriorates quickly and safely without releasing any harmful chemicals or free radicals into the environment. It’s one small way to keep the world we live in greener.

3. It’s free! The bamboo shopping bag comes free with every purchase. Everything in the store is made of bamboo – including this shopping bag!

4. Brag it up. Having an all-bamboo bag is unique. Everyone will know you kept it clean and green at Cariloha! It makes a great conversation piece for your lunch or dinner date.

5. Re-gift it. It’s a snazzy-looking bag. Say you bought an ultra-soft bamboo shirt, towel or sheet set, and you’re now giving it to a friend or relative as a birthday present or wedding gift. No need to worry about wrapping it – simply use the bamboo bag. Add a splash of white or green tissue, and let the bamboo bag speak for itself. You become the cool cat at the party when you say, “Yeah, even the bag is made of bamboo.” Gift recipient responds, something akin to, “Really?! That’s so cool!”


About Cariloha
Established in 2007, Cariloha is the only retailer in the world to provide an entire store experience that’s completely outfit with merchandise made of bamboo. The product line features an exclusive collection of apparel, accessories, home décor, bedding and bath goods and more all made from bamboo. Cariloha’s soft, breezy bamboo goods were first seen out of three, full stores in Ocho Rios, Jamaica; Cozumel, Mexico; and St. Thomas, USVI. Since the first three stores in 2008, Cariloha has already opened stores in nine countries and growing. Cariloha has quickly become one of the fastest-growing merchants promoted on board Carnival, Celebrity, Disney, Princess, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Lines. Today, thanks to an ever-growing, rich supply of bamboo, Cariloha continues to offer an exclusive collection of apparel, accessories, home décor, bed and bath sets and more all enjoying the strength, soft touch, and green ‘footprint’ of this renewable resource.

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