Glamour Girl Reviews Cariloha Bamboo Towel & Soap Dish Sets

Glamour Girl Reviews Cariloha Bamboo Towels

Cariloha Bamboo Bath Towel Set Review & Giveaway
By Glamour Girl Reviews

A lot of people are making the switch from cotton to bamboo. Why bamboo? Bamboo is actually one of the most renewable resources that we have. Once a huge bamboo stalk is cut, it grows right back. It grows back so rapidly that there is always plenty to harvest. It is also a highly versatile resource. It can be as strong as steel, or as soft as silk. Not only can bamboo be turned into tiki huts and fishing poles, but it can also be turned into soft bedding, towels, and clothing.

Not only is bamboo sustainable and eco friendly, but it is also a good alternative to other materials, because it is naturally anti-bacterial, breathable, softer than cotton, and works as an insulator; keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Cariloha is a company that produces apparel, accessories, bedding, and bath products made of bamboo. Cariloha’s clothing and accessories are inspired by the Hawaiian and Caribbean islands. Who wouldn’t want to feel like they are on a cruise all the time? So, what better material than bamboo to authenticate the island feel?

I picked out a Blue Bath Towel Set and a Bamboo Soap Dish Set from Cariloha. I immediately wanted to touch the towels and see if they felt any different from the ordinary bath towels I am used to. They are definitely much softer than regular towels made from all cotton, and when I pick up the towels, they are actually pretty heavy. They are so thick too; you can tell that these towels are not cheap. The Bath Towel Set comes with a face towel, hand towel, and a bath towel. These towels feel and look like high quality towels, they are so luxurious that I feel like I am at a 5-star hotel when I use them. These towels are pricier than towels that I usually buy at $55.

The Bamboo Soap Dish Set also helps make my bathroom look more like a beach front hotel room. I think this set is very attractive and really comes in handy. It has a toothbrush holder, soap/lotion pump, soap dish, and a tray. This set has made my bathroom a lot more organized. Toothbrush holders and soap dishes are often a breeding ground for bacteria, so it’s perfect that this set is made out of bamboo, since it’s naturally antimicrobial. This set is a really good deal, too, at only $12.