Hurricane Irene Update for Cariloha Stores

Cariloha stores that were in the path of Hurricane Irene last week and over the weekend:

Cariloha stores in Nassau, Cozumel, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten and St. Thomas are all fine and were unharmed by the hurricane.

Other than a lack of store visitors, Cariloha stores in Florida were not affected by the hurrican.

Regarding Cariloha’s sister brand, Del Sol, here is the latest Hurricane Irene update:

Del Sol stores in Virginia Beach (Virginia), Rehoboth Beach (Delaware), Lancaster (Pennsylvania), Atlantic City (New Jersey), Newport (Rhode Island), and Mystic (Connecticut) are all fine – none of these stores had major damage.

Virginia Beach and Rehoboth Beach did close down over the weekend, but they are both up and running today. Atlantic City is opening today as well. Lancaster lost power for a few hours yesterday but is fine today.

Del Sol stores in South Carolina, Georgia and Florida were not affected adversely by the hurricane.

We feel very blessed and fortunate as a company and hope for a swift recovery to those that were affected by Hurricane Irene.


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