Product Review Cafe Reviews Cariloha Bamboo

Product Review Cafe Reviews Cariloha Bamboo

The Product Review Cafe recently spotlighted Cariloha bamboo sheets, towels, and shirts on its popular and growing website, which showcases health and beauty products and provides extensive details and first-hand insights into an assortment of interesting topics and products that today’s marketplace loves to read and learn about. Here’s a snip-it from the in-depth review:

Living in Sustainable Luxury! Cariloha Bamboo Fabric Review

Sitting down to write this review, I thought to myself (multiple times)…. “Where Do I Even Begin?” Nothing I can say will be able to describe just how amazing these products are. The thought of trying to express how fabulous Cariloha’s products are in words seemed like such a difficult task. See, the word “fabulous” doesn’t even begin to describe Cariloha. So, throughout this review, as you read my descriptive words like “fantastic, amazing, great, impressive” and more, take them and imagine their meaning to be thousands of times better than what they normally are, and that is Cariloha products.

About Cariloha: This is a pretty interesting story…

For me, knowing the history of a company makes me like their products that much more. First off, the name “Cariloha” is a very clever combination from Founder and CEO, Jeff Pedersen, mixing “Caribbean Culture and Hawaiian Aloha.”

Have you ever been on a trip and wished that there was something more than the typical shot glass, magnet, or post card to take home? I have! And Jeff Pedersen saw an opportunity to provide tourists with products that would remind them every day of their trip. The same type of towels they may have used from their hotel. The same type of sheets they may have slept on in their cruise ship stateroom. How about the light, flowing sundress or Hawaiian shirt that kept you cool during those hot tropical nights? The use of these items back home would transport you right back to the islands, which is what I gather Mr. Pedersen had in mind. You can read the rest of this inspiring story here: About Us

I had the pleasure of reviewing a few different products from Cariloha. Before I gush about these items, I will tell you that if the representative that I spoke with is any indication of their customer service and support then that in itself speaks volumes about this company. He was super nice and very professional.

Let’s start with the Queen Bamboo Bed Sheet Set in Sage Green (also available in blue, ivory, white and tan). Included: Flat and fitted sheets and two pillowcases

The sheets are softer than 1,000 thread count Egyptian cotton, hypoallergenic and silky soft. The best thing about this sheet set is the deep pocket fitted sheet. We have a large mattress, 4-inch memory foam topper AND a one-inch thick down mattress pad/protector. So, you can see how a normal fitted sheet will do nothing but fall off every night! The fitted sheet in this set fit over everything with room left over so that we could tuck it really well and not worry about slipping. I have machine washed these four times since I received them (a month) and see not sign of wear, color fading or piling. The material seems to wrinkle easily but actually a few seconds in the dryer will take them right out (somebody happened to leave them bunched up in the laundry basket too long…oops) I was busy!


Thanks for the amazing review, Product Review Cafe! You can see and read the entire, upfront and personal review here.