Running in Cariloha Bamboo across U.S. Route 2

Miles 2 Give Runners running through Montana

Where is our fleet-footed, bamboo-wearing Miles 2 Give running team these days?

Here’s an update from team on their 10,000-mile run around America:

The Cariloha-sponsored Miles 2 Give running team, who’s running counter-clockwise around the USA wearing Cariloha Bamboo gear and raising money for sarcoma cancer research, is making great progress on U.S. Route 2 across Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, and soon Washington.

“Much love sent to the Cariloha family from Montana, State #16,” said Landon Cooper, Miles 2 Give founder and ultra-runner. “Since our beautiful partnership began in the Pursuit to Give & Inspire, we’ve run 3,000+ miles in Cariloha Bamboo, raised over $135,000 for sarcoma cancer research, and inspired countless lives worldwide.”

Recently, as an example of all the good that’s going on out on the road, a Dad from North Carolina flew in just run with the Miles 2 Give team for one day for a loved one who had passed away from cancer. These types of inspiring stories happen on a daily basis for the three-man Miles 2 Give running team.

“Cariloha family, I thank you,” said Cooper. “We have many miles to go together, and many more journeys to quest.”

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